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The FireManager includes a complete, fully-integrated payroll system specifically designed for fire departments that are subject to FLSA rules. Multiple work schedules and multiple overtime cycles are supported, meaning that FLSA overtime can be correctly and automatically calculated for all types of employees.

Pay Calculation

Regular pay can be calculated directly from time cards and rosters for hourly employees, or can be expressed as a constant salary based on the employee's pay grade. Overtime hours worked, compensatory time earned, time worked out of grade and all leave hours are read from time cards and rosters. FLSA overtime premium can then be calculated based on the threshold identified in the employee's overtime cycle. Overtime premium pay can be paid at the employee's base rate or blended to include additional compensation when calculating the rate.


Deductions for benefits such as insurance, flexible spending plans and pensions are automatically calculated, and can be withheld pre-tax or post-tax as appropriate. As the employee's participation in these programs changes, the withholding is automatically adjusted.

Tax Reports

Quarterly and annual tax reports, such as forms 940, 941 and W-2 can be generated directly from the system on plain paper using any laser printer.

Automated Clearing House

Employees can be paid by check or through direct deposit. The FireManager creates and exports the bank transmission file using the industry-standard NACHA file format. Once payroll is processed, this file is transmitted to your bank for disbursement.

Email Notification

Employees can elect to receive their pay stub via email through an automated process or can print their current or any prior check stub at any time.

GL Integration

Each earning and deduction item can be assigned to one or more general ledger accounts using our flexible account number system that allows up to an 8-part account number. Each of the 8 parts can be up to 50 characters in length.

Account distributions can be customized at the employee level to handle special circumstances such as shared employees. A file can be created in several different formats and imported into some GL systems for posting.