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Patient Charge Calculation

If your agency charges for EMS services, your schedule of charges can be set up using The FireManager's Patient Charge Management feature. As a provider completes the patient chart, the appropriate charges are calculated in the background and can later be exported for use by your billing agency. This greatly reduces the time spent reading charts and manuall calculating charges.

Charges can be based on patient disposition, transporting agency, level of service, response urgency, procedures performed, medications given, expendible supplies or items that are checked on a list. If the patient was transported, loaded mileage can also be charged.

Setting up the charges is easy. Simply follow a wizard-like series of screens and answer a few questions.

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As the chart is completed, the patient charges grid on the billing tab dynamically changes to reflect actions taken.

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Insurance information from multible policies can also be collected in the field and is even available to providers in the future if the patient is seen again as a part of the previous patient search capability.