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Employee Certificate Management

Most employees or members have one or more certificates that they must maintain as a condition of employment. It is very difficult to keep track of all of these expiration dates and the different requirements to renew each one.

The FireManager can automate all of that for you. When you set up a new certificate type, you can specify exactly what needs to be done and when to do it. This criteria includes:

Certificate Proficiencies: These are physical tasks or skills that must be demonstrated. These proficiences can be built into your training events so they are automatically signed off as an employee attends training.

Required Training Hours: Some certificates require classroom time in various subjects or categories. Any number of such subjects can be specified. As the employee attends training, this time is automatically credited toward recertification.

Certificate Equivalents: Some certificates may meet or exceed the requirements of another. For example, if you have a requirement that all employees must hold an EMT Basic certificate, a person holding a Paramedic certificate instead will meet the requirement.

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Work Flows

Recertification usually involves a multi-step process. Each step must be done in turn and in a timely manner to prevent lapses. The FireManager allows you to build work flows into the certificate to automate these steps.

For example, you may want to notify an employee by email 90 days prior to expiration to advise him that his ACLS card is about to expire. This automatic notification can be set up as a step in the work flow.

Other steps can be added to the work flow to notify the certificate holder when it is time to sit for an exam or simply to get a copy of the new certificate to the certificate administrator.