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Software for Fire and EMS

High Plains Information Systems provides leading edge EMS and fire records management solutions to the nation's most forward-thinking emergency service agencies. For nearly three decades, this has been our sole mission.

Our flagship product is a complete, fully integrated RMS solution designed specifically to meet the needs of your EMS or fire agency. Our comprensive suite of products includes modules for electronic patient care reporting, NFIRS fire incident reporting, fire prevention, code enforcement, human resource management, FLSA-compliant payroll, and much more. The software is modular and configurable, allowing you to purchase and implement only the modules you actually need. Read more.

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What are customers saying?

NEMSIS Gold Nationally Certified. High Plains is one of only a handful of software vendors that are both NEMSIS Gold and NFIRS 5.0 compliant. This combination makes our software the perfect choice for fire departments across the country.


Key Features

Ease of Use. All of our products were designed by people who really know your business: firefighters and paramedics. You will immediately notice that the software "thinks" like you do!

Complete Integration. Each module is designed to stand on its own. But when used together, they share information and resources to eliminate duplication of effort and greatly streamline your operation. There is a single point of entry for any piece of information.

Powerful Query Capabilities. Any RMS will allow you to capture and store information. High Plains allows you to actually retrieve and use that data. Using our query by forms technology, you can easily find, retrieve, arrange and present data without any programming knowledge or third party reporting tools

Field Data Collection. Our ePCR and NFIRS reporting system is field tested and proven. This feature significantly improves the quality of your data and saves countless hours of work.

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